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Starting to Train with The Run SMART Project VDOT O2 App!

I’m finally getting back into marathon shape!  It’s hard to believe, but I’m starting to make progress.  I’m dropping the extra weight and getting faster.  And now I’ve kicked my training into high gear!  How?

This week I signed up with The Run SMART Project as a beta tester for the VDOT O2 application and for Dr. Jack Daniel’s 15-Week Marathon Plan.  I also registered for the ½ Sauer ½ Kraut Marathon in Philadelphia on 6/14/14 as my goal race.

For a long time I have kept Dr. Daniel’s book, Daniel’s Running Formula, close at hand and I referred to it often back when I was in marathon training.  DRF helped me greatly, but in hindsight, I know I didn’t always stick to the correct paces to optimize the benefits of every workout.  For example, I believe I did my long runs too fast and then didn’t recover in time to do the other workouts leading up to my last marathon, Philly in 2004.

I’m looking forward to really nailing my training this time around with The Run SMART Project and the VDOT O2 app and blogging about the experience.

Here’s what’s happening so far:

I registered and signed-up for the Dr. Jack Daniel’s 15-Week Marathon Plan.  The interface was very easy to use and the graphics are very clean and appealing.  Then I was prompted to enter recent performance times, personal bests, and other pertinent data for customizing my training plan.  There was a text field to enter any information that I wanted the coaching team to know before tailoring my plan.  While I’m waiting for my training schedule to be uploaded, I entered my last week’s training runs.  Here’s how it looked when I was done:

VDOTO2 Combined View

I’m excited about seeing the colors change on the VDOT icon as my fitness improves.  Another feature I really like is that my goal race was automatically loaded into the calendar and my training schedule will focus on that goal:

Goal Race

I’ll post an update when I get started on the training program!

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