Training for the Gore-Tex® Philadelphia Marathon in Gore Running Wear®

Decked out in my Gore Running WearThe Gore-Tex® Philadelphia Marathon is only two weeks away and I’m looking forward to running the Half Marathon as a member of Team Gore-Tex®.  I’m training five or six days a week in my Gore Running Wear® and Saucony Ride 7 GTX® running shoes and loving every warm and dry step I take out there on the roads and trails here in suburban Philly.

The Gore Running Wear® product line uses the same fabrics, including GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER®, that have been long-proven in harsh environments including military, firefighting, mountaineering, and biking applications around the globe under the most extreme conditions.

Two of my favorites are the Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket, which has detachable zip-off sleeves, and the Mythos 2.0 Shirt Long.

I’ve put a lot of mileage on these two, much of it during our weekly five o’clock Friday morning group runs.  Tina took this runfie on a Friday morning in October just before a ten-miler:

The Friday Morning Wegmans Runners

The Friday Morning Wegmans Runners

Standing Out in the Dark with my Mythos 2.0 Shirt Long

It was dark when we started out on the Chester Valley Trail that morning, and there are many road crossings just at the time when suburban Philly rush hour traffic is getting heavy.  It’s important to be seen by cars at the crosswalks and traffic lights.  The Mythos collection, with its 360-degree reflectivity and neon colors, is designed for the urban runner who might be training for a 10K or half marathon, so it suits me well.  On this particular Friday morning I wore the Mythos 2.0 Shirt Long and the AIR 2in1 Shorts.

After a 10-Miler in my Mythos 2.0 Shirt Long and the AIR 2in1 Shorts

After a 10-Miler in my Mythos 2.0 Shirt Long and the AIR 2in1 Shorts

I liked the Mythos Shirt’s long sleeves with the thumb slots, and the pocket on the back of the AIR 2in1 Shorts shorts provided a snug no-bounce fit for my iPhone so I could track my run on RunKeeper®.

AIR 2in1 Shorts

AIR 2in1 Shorts

A Sunny Sunday in my Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket

Two days later, Natalie, Jamie, and I met for a Sunday morning workout, but this time in daylight conditions.  It was sunny with a light breeze and I wore my Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket and Magnitude Compression Tights.

Natalie, Jamie, and Me

Me, Jamie, and Natalie

Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket

Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket

After getting through the warm up miles, I unzipped the sleeves and put them in the side pockets, easily accomplished on-the-run without slowing down.  Natalie was nice enough to take a short video of Jamie and me running along the trail at the end of our run.

The combination of the Mythos Jacket and Magnitude Compression Tights kept me comfortable and dry.  I didn’t feel soaking wet after the run even though we ran twelve miles total, including a 3×2 threshold workout, and I sweated a lot.

Stopping the Wind in my Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket

The following Sunday did not offer the same beautiful weather. We had some high winds and chilly temperatures. This time the group was Natalie, Lisa (@ConsciousRunner,, Mark, and me.

Me, Mark, Lisah, and Natalie

Me, Mark, Lisa, and Natalie

We ran just under seventeen miles and I called on the Mythos 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip Off Light Jacket once again, this time with a base layer, combined with the X-RUNNING 2.0 Shorts.  Natalie was again gracious enough to snap a few pics using my iPhone’s burst mode and caught this frame of Lisa and me after we had finished all those miles.

Lisah and Me

Lisa and Me

For this run I used the media pocket of the Mythos 2.0 Jacket for my iPhone, and it provided another bounce-free experience while RunKeeper® worked its magic.  I was able to swipe the iPhone’s screen through the mesh pocket, making it easy to pause and resume RunKeeper®.

Mythos 2.0 Jacket Media Pocket

Mythos 2.0 Jacket Media Pocket

I also removed the zip-off sleeves on-the-run again with no problem.  We averaged 8:41 per mile and dipped under 7:20 for one of the up-tempo miles in the middle of the run, which says a lot about the ease of unzipping and removing those sleeves.  I like the removable sleeves so much because I normally feel warmer once I’m a few miles into any run, and it’s great to be able to adapt on the fly even when I’m picking up the pace.

Mythos 2.0 Jacket Zip Off Sleeves

Mythos 2.0 Jacket Zip Off Sleeves

A Low-Maintenance Long-Term Relationship

I’ve machine-washed and dried all of my Gore Running Wear® items numerous times now and they have come through looking brand new.  That’s no surprise based on my September visit, with fellow run bloggers Jason and Kate, to the W. L. Gore plants in Delaware and Maryland (  As Gore Associate Louise described to us, Gore has over two hundred washing machines that can be run twenty-four hours a day to simulate field-usage and to test for abrasion performance using fabric swatches. A normal wash cycle is a piece of cake for any of the Gore Running Wear® products.  I’m looking forward to a low-maintenance long-term relationship with my Gore Running Wear®.

Me and Louise in the Washing Machine Fabric Testing Lab at Gore

Me and Gore Associate Louise in the Washing Machine Fabric Testing Lab at Gore (photo by Jason)

The Color of Quality

The folks at Gore are not only obsessive about the high performance of their fabrics, they are also fanatical about the colors.  They have a Shade Lab where fabric colors are tested and examined under different light conditions to ensure that the shades are consistent across the wide spectrum of real-world lighting environments.  Gore Associate Brandon regularly undergoes rigorous testing of his own vision to ensure that he is able to see color differences that most human beings cannot distinguish; believe me, he proved that to us when he tested us using a series of his color charts.  He could see slight shade differences in the color patterns that were not discernible to the rest of us.  Think Superman or Bionic Man Steve Austin here.

The Value is in the Details

It’s this kind of attention to detail that we saw in every Gore Associate we met during our visit to W. L. Gore, and it shows in the products that I’ve been using now for nearly two months.  I highly recommend Gore Running Wear®; it looks great, works great, and there are product families and systems for all types of runners, weather conditions, and environments. You can check them out here:,default,sc.html

My next post will be on my Saucony Ride 7 GTX® running shoes now that I have several hundred miles on them.  If you missed my previous two posts about our visit to W. L. Gore and my run in the rain with my Mythos 2.0 Gore-Tex® Active Jacket, you can catch up here:

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A Rainy Thursday in my Mythos 2.0 Gore-Tex® Active Jacket

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