Get Your GORE-TEX® Running Shoes On! #OwnTheRun

“We are helping people accomplish their dreams.” – Kirk Christensen, GORE-TEX® Running Footwear Global Leader

I’m looking forward to lacing up my Saucony Ride 8 GTXs and running for Team GORE-TEX® again this year in the GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Half Marathon. I’ve been training in the Ride 8 GTXs for over a month now and I can’t wait to hit the streets of Philly on November 22nd.

Running with Ride 8 GTXs

Splashing through a puddle and staying dry in my GORE-TEX® Saucony Ride 8 GTXs (Photo by Lindsay)

If you want to put GORE-TEX® Running Shoes to the test, stand in the water pool like I did last year with Kirk Christensen at the 2014 GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon Expo. You won’t believe you’re standing in a pool of water and that your feet are completely dry.

With Kirk in Mini-Pool

Standing in the pool with Kirk Christensen at last year’s GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon Expo

Here’s Kirk talking about the Expo, the water pool, and raising awareness of what it’s like to have GORE-TEX® inside your running shoes:

Last year I trained through freezing cold, wind, rain, snow, and slush to run the GORE-TEX® Philly Half last November, a Boston Qualifier in March, and my first ultra in April, the GORE-TEX® ECSDC 50-Miler. The great thing was that I never experienced that frozen-foot, soggy-sock feeling.

CVT in Snow

Splashing through another freezing puddle last winter in my GORE-TEX® Saucony Ride 7 GTXs (Photo by Natalie)

I’ll stay off the treadmill again this winter in my light and comfortable Camo Ride 8 GTXs while I’m training for Philly and Boston 2016.Ride 8 GTX

Gore works closely with shoe companies to custom-design GORE-TEX® into each shoe and they have partnered with some of the leading shoe brands to put GORE-TEX® into many of the most popular models.  Check them out here:

Gore Associate Kirk Christensen

Kirk in the GORE-TEX® Footwear Test Labs

Gore also conducts extensive testing on new shoe designs and then requires shoe companies to test their GORE-TEX® shoes according to strict Gore requirements once the shoes are in production.

Every year there are new innovations in GORE-TEX® Running Footwear that continue to push the envelope to provide breathable, comfortable running shoes that will keep you running outside.

In this clip, Kirk talks about how great it is to be able to run outside even in the worst conditions:


See you in Philly! #OwnTheRun

(Photo by Charlene)

(Photo by Charlene)

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